Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Eggs and Chicks!!

By this time in the breeding season, most of the 12 species of seabirds nesting here on the Farallones have eggs or chicks. Below are some photos of adults, eggs and chicks taken on the Farallones. (There is plenty of debate over which species has the cutest chick. You can cast your vote by leaving a comment)
Rhinoceros Auklet:

Common Murre:

Black Oystercatcher:

Brandt's Cormorant:

Cassin's Auklet:

Ashy Storm-petrel:

Pigeon Guillemot:

Western Gull:


Gwnievere said...

OMG! They are all adorable! But the little black puffball...the Rhino Auklet. That is my chick of choice.

Gwnievere said...

Mikey votes for the Ashy Stormpetrel and Christina votes for the Western gull chick.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree that the Rhino chick is the cutest. But, the Ashy comes in a close second because of the little tube on his nose.

Monica said...

I'm going with the Ashy storm-petrel. I love the little tubenose and the square head!
-Monica Bond

Anonymous said...

I vote corm chick allllll thhhhheeee wwwaaayyyy, yo. Ugly is the new cute.

Caroline said...

I think the Rhino chick is clearly the best. Who couldn't love that little ball of fluff?

Jen said...

Western Gull