Monday, March 10, 2014

Adopt an Auklet!!

Would you like to get involved with the Farallones and help support our conservation efforts? Well now's your chance!

Los Farallones proudly introduces Adopt an Auklet!

Cassin's auklet chick about 10 days after hatching

The seabird breeding season is about to get underway on the Farallones and we are asking for your help with supporting our long-term monitoring studies of Cassin's auklets. Regular readers of this blog know that Cassin's auklets are one of the 13 species of seabirds that breed on the Farallon Islands. They return every spring to lay their eggs in underground burrows, crevices and artificial nest boxes. Farallon biologists have been monitoring their survival, nesting phenology, breeding success and chick growth rates continuously since 1972.  But we need your help!

Typical Cassin's auklet nest box and auklets within

By adopting an auklet for the season you help to protect the Farallon Island colony, increase and improve artificial nesting habitat, monitor birds at their nest throughout the breeding season and enable us to learn from Cassin’s about the health of our local marine ecosystem. 

Watch the video for an introduction to the Adopt an Auklet program by Russ Bradley, Farallon Program Manager.

What do you get when you adopt?

When you Adopt an Auklet, you are leasing a nest box on the Farallon Islands and adopting a Cassin’s auklet family for one year.  For your donation, you will receive:
  • a personalized adoption certificate
  • a photo of your auklet nest box
  • regular updates about Cassin's auklet activity on the Farallones throughout the seabird breeding season (March through August) from our Farallon biologists
  • a personalized summary of what happened in your box at the end of the seabird breeding season including which birds breed there, when they were banded, how long they’ve been together in that nest, when they lay an egg, when the chick hatched and the ultimate fate of the chick.
We have a limited number of auklet boxes available for adoption. So Hurry! Adopt an auklet today!

All donations go directly towards helping to support our research efforts and to restore the Farallon Islands, for generations to come. For more information, go to the Point Blue website.

Thank you for helping to support our work on the Farallones. And auklets!