Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Farallon Factor strikes again!

Sea and weather conditions out here are always unpredictable and can change rapidly. Supply boats often have to be rescheduled because of storms, high seas or simply the wrong wind direction to do a safe landing. This unpredictable Farallon Factor always has to be taken into account when planning anything in a place that is still ruled by nature's forces. So, when this morning's boat was cancelled because the conditions for a North landing were too rough and the SAFE boat outboard motor was still non-functional, this was nothing out of the ordinary. The Farallon Factor had stranded the film crew and Refuge manager Joelle Buffa on the island for a day longer than planned. As you can see from the pictures below, the Ocean Futures Society crew was not idle, but used the extra day to get more gorgeous footage of the island's wildlife. Even the interns had their 10 seconds of fame. Keep your eyes open for the Farallon segment in the show "America's Underwater Treasures" on KQED sometime in October.
Fabien Cousteau and the camera team, down at the elephant seal beach.

Some extra footage in the kitchen of PRBO house, setting for Farallon Iron Chef .

We hope that Fabien, Chuck and Rick enjoyed their prolonged stay on The Farallones!